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Our comprehensive purchase requisition solution has been designed to cater to the distinct requirements of businesses spanning various industries. From startups to established enterprises, we offer a versatile solution that can streamline your manual operations, enhance your workflow efficiency, and provide invaluable insights into your procurement performance. We take pride in our ability to customize our solution to align seamlessly with your specific business needs.


Our user management feature allows the administrator to define user roles and permissions. A defined access level ensures appropriate access and simplifies workflow. A proper level of approvals helps improve financial controls and prevents rogue purchasing, overspending, and unauthorized approvals.


Our master data management feature allows users with appropriate access to modify and create items, vendors, GL accounts, classes, customer ship-to locations, and payment terms. Our system bi-directionally synchronizes entities between eRequisition and your ERP. eRequisition integrates with your ERP systems, ensuring efficient data synchronization. Our integration facilitates accurate data across both platforms, eliminating the need for dual data entry.


Our easy-to-configure requisition approval workflow allows administrators to create an approval workflow that mimics your company’s approval limits. Our flexible approval system lets you define workflow at the user department or company level. Administrators can apply various conditions to route the requisition based on multiple variables. Our workflow engine ensures proper requisition routing for expedient and controlled approval.


With our user-friendly Requisition Management solution, users can easily create and track purchase requests. Enjoy the convenience of automated approval workflows, real-time status tracking, and detailed reports for better


Our Purchase Order Management solution simplifies and automates the process of creating purchase orders. You can easily generate and send purchase orders to suppliers, eliminating manual paperwork and reducing errors.


Our Purchase Order receiving
solution allows for seamless tracking
and management of received
items, providing greater efficiency and visibility throughout the
procurement cycle.

Our Seamless & Hassle-Free Requisition Process

 Simplify and expedite your requisition process with our seamless and hassle-free process, minimizing paperwork, reducing errors, and ensuring efficient procurement.

Create Requisition

Create Requisition

A requisition is an unapproved purchase request, which, upon complete approval, is converted into a purchase order. This optimized process ensures that all purchase requests go through the necessary approval channels before becoming official purchase orders, improving financial control and accountability. 

To facilitate efficient review and processing, requisitions include comprehensive details such as item descriptions, quantities, desired delivery dates, and budget codes. This level of information ensures that procurement teams possess the accurate and complete data needed to assess and fulfill the request effectively. 

Review Requisition

Review Requisition

As the second step of the procurement process, the requisition requires thorough review and approval. With our system, you can route purchase requests through a customized approval process involving up to 6 different reviewers. Whether you choose to set up approval chains for the entire company or individual departments, this flexible system ensures efficient decision-making and accountability.

By implementing this streamlined process, you can easily track the progress of each requisition in real time. This transparency enables effective communication and reduces delays, ensuring that the approval process remains on track.

Create Purchase Order

Upon final approval, the requisition seamlessly transitions into a purchase order. Our system automates the generation of a purchase order in QuickBooks or NetSuite, eliminating manual data entry and ensuring accuracy. This process efficiently converts the requisition into a purchase order, with information such as item descriptions, quantities, and pricing seamlessly transferred. 

By automating this step, you save time, reduce errors, and ensure smooth procurement with proper documentation. The integration with QuickBooks and NetSuite enhances efficiency, data accuracy, and overall procurement effectiveness.

Are you tired of the complexities and inefficiencies of your current purchasing process?

Transform Your Purchasing Process in Just
3 Simple Steps!
Transform Your Purchasing Process in Just 3 Simple Steps!


Say goodbye to cumbersome manual processes and experience the benefits of seamless integration of eRequisition with QuickBooks & NetSuite.

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Unleash The Full Potential Of Our Desktop And Standalone Version With Our 14-Day Free Trial

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Purchase Order Approval System?

A Purchase Order Approval System is a digital solution that streamlines an organization’s approval process for purchase orders. It automates the workflow, allowing stakeholders to review and approve purchase orders seamlessly and efficiently.

A Requisition Management System is a software solution designed to manage and streamline creating, submitting, and tracking requisitions within an organization. It helps automate and simplify the procurement process, ensuring better control and efficiency.

A purchase order (PO) is a legally binding document a buyer uses to communicate specific details for a purchase transaction with a supplier. It includes the purchase order number, buyer and supplier details, goods or services description, quantity, price, delivery date and location, payment terms, and terms and conditions. The supplier acknowledges and accepts the terms outlined in the purchase order, creating a contractual agreement. The purchase order is a reference for invoicing, delivery tracking, and reconciling the goods or services received.

A requisition is a formal request or order made by an individual or department within an organization to acquire goods, services, or resources needed for business operations. It is an internal document that initiates the procurement process, outlining the specific details of the requested item or service, such as quantity, description, estimated cost, and any other relevant information. It typically undergoes an approval workflow before being converted into a purchase order or actioned to obtain the requested goods or services. 

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