Requisition Management

Empower Your Procurement Process with Advanced Requisition Management

eRequisition’s Requisition Management feature is an all-encompassing solution that offers numerous benefits to streamlining your procurement process. From improved tracking to efficient collaboration and comprehensive documentation, this feature eliminates the pitfalls of manual procurement processes and makes procurement easy and efficient.


With the ability to set up a hierarchy for users, eRequisition ensures that only authorized personnel can generate purchase orders. This feature increases accountability and helps minimize the risks of unauthorized purchases.


eRequisition makes it easy to monitor the status of requisitions, including pending approvals and approver details. With this feature, you can make informed decisions in real time and take control of your procurement process.


With integrated chat feature, you can easily communicate with other users to discuss specific requisitions, share ideas, and address concerns. This functionality promotes efficient collaboration and ensures timely processing of procurement requests.


eRequisition's Requisition Management feature allows you to easily attach and share files related to requisitions, providing complete Documentation for your procurement process.


By eliminating time-consuming and error-prone manual processes, eRequisition's Requisition Management feature makes procurement a seamless experience, saving you time and resources that you can redirect to other critical business tasks.

Eliminate Time-Consuming And Error-Prone Manual Processes And Make Procurement A Seamless Experience With eRequisition Requisition Management
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