Master Data Management

Avoid Duplicate Data Entry: Manage ERP Related Master Data in eRequisition

Requisition’s Master Data Management feature provides centralized management of supplier and vendor information, comprehensive item catalogs, and accurate price lists. By seamlessly integrating with your existing systems, it facilitates efficient data synchronization and eliminates the challenges associated with data inconsistency. Simplify and enhance your procurement operations with eRequisition’s Master Data Management.


eRequisition's Master Data Management ensures accurate and consistent data throughout the procurement process, minimmizing errors and improving decision-making.


With seamless integration, eRequisition synnchronizes data across multiple platforms, reducing manual data entry and verification efforts.


Centralized management of supplier and vendor information, item catalogs, and price lists simplifies the procurement process, improving search, selection, and cost control.

Seamless Bi-Directional Synchronization

Our innovative master data management feature empowers your business with efficient bi-directional synchronization capabilities between eRequisition and QuickBooks & NetSuite.

Two-Way Synchronization

You no longer need to worry about inconsistent vendor data between the eRequisition and your ERP system. Any changes made to a vendor’s data in either platform will automatically update the data in QuickBooks or NetSuite.

Two-Way Synchronization

Keep customer data between the platforms, such as updated contact details, newly added customers, or modifications to existing information. Data changes are made bi-directionally synchronized to keep everything up to date in both systems.

Two-Way Synchronization

Adding or modifying product information on either platform will be reflected in the other platform. This seamless synchronization eliminates discrepancies and helps you have an accurate and consistent view of products across platforms.

One-Way Synchronization

Synchronize your GL accounts bi-directionally for accurate and seamless financial operations. Any changes made in eRequisition will be automatically updated in QuickBooks & NetSuite, ensuring transparent financial reporting.

Two-Way Synchronization

Keeping your data organized and categorized is easy with class synchronization. Any modifications to class definitions in eRequisition or QuickBooks will be synchronized bi-directionally for consistent tracking.

One-Way Synchronization

Synchronize your purchase orders from eRequisition to QuickBooks & NetSuite for proper purchase management. This synchronization ensures that financial reports are updated without manual data entry.

One-Way Synchronization

Receiving information from eRequisition is synchronized to QuickBooks & NetSuite for classic 3-way match of PO, Purchasing invoice, and receiving.

Stay On Top Of Your Procurement With eRequisition's
Master Data Management And Drive Greater Accuracy
And Efficiency In Your Procurement Operations
Stay On Top Of Your Procurement With eRequisition's Master Data Management And Drive Greater Accuracy And Efficiency In Your Procurement Operations
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