eRequisition Product Overview

A Web-Based Solution For Efficient Expense Tracking

eRequisition is an innovative web-based solution designed to revolutionize the purchase process for organizations. By replacing traditional paper-based requisitions with a user-friendly digital platform, eRequisition streamlines the entire purchasing workflow. Empower your organization with a modern and efficient approach to managing expenses. 

Streamline Purchase Requests And Approval Workflows

Effortlessly create and submit purchase requests online. Customize the approval workflow to match your organization’s hierarchy and policies, ensuring efficient authorization of purchases. With up to six levels of approval, eRequisition empowers users to set limits and assign departments as needed, streamlining the approval process.

Integration with QuickBooks & NetSuite for Accurate Financial Records

Increase accuracy and efficiency with eRequisition’s seamless integration with accounting systems like QuickBooks & Netsuite. Approved purchase requests are automatically converted into purchase orders and synced with the accounting system, eliminating manual data entry and ensuring up-to-date financial records.

Track Purchases and Optimize Purchasing Strategy

Gain insights into your organization’s expenses and optimize your purchasing strategy. eRequisition allows users to track purchases and analyze buying history by vendor, item, or department. This valuable information enables informed decision-making and helps optimize purchasing decisions. 

Convenient Features for a Better User Experience

eRequisition offers a range of convenient features to enhance the user experience. Easily approve requests on the go via email notifications and add new vendors effortlessly. Access detailed information such as shipping details, charges, delivery dates, and taxes. Attach files, photos, charts, drawings, and engage in internal dialog using the built-in chat feature.

Transform Your Purchasing Process with eRequisition

Experience the power of eRequisition and transform your organization’s purchasing process. Say goodbye to paperwork and inefficiency, and embrace a streamlined approach to managing expenses with eRequisition. Simplify and streamline your purchasing process with eRequisition’s innovative solution.

Bi-Directional Data Synchronization for Real-Time Data Updates

Unlock the full potential of eRequisition with bi-directional synchronization across multiple ERPs, ensuring consistent and up-to-date information across vendors, customers, items, classes, and purchases. Streamline your purchasing operations for enhanced efficiency accuracy and eliminate manual data entry.

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Say Goodbye to Cumbersome Manual Processes And
Experience The Benefits Of A Seamless Integration
Between eRequisition And QuickBooks
Say Goodbye to Cumbersome Manual Processes And Experience The Benefits Of A Seamless Integration Between eRequisition And QuickBooks
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